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Prolonged grief of bereaved parents: How pediatricians can help

Richard Goldstein, MD, an expert on SIDS and prolonged grief, meets with a bereaved family.
Richard Goldstein, MD, program director of Boston Children’s Robert’s Program on Sudden Unexpected Death in Pediatrics, meets with a bereaved family.

Despite worldwide efforts to promote safe sleep over the years, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) continues to be the leading cause of post-neonatal infant mortality in every advanced country in the world. More infants die from unexplained infant deaths each year than children zero through 18 die from cancer.

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Dispatch from Jordan: Improving care for war-wounded Syrian refugee youth

Syrian refugee camp in Amman, Jordan

Why should I listen to you, an American, Harvard psychologist? What do you know about war and hunger? Why should I trust that you’re here to help? What makes you different than all the other researchers who come to Jordan just to collect data and leave?

All good questions; hard ones, yes, but critical to answer if I wanted to be of any support to Jordanian healthcare systems in improving quality of care for Syrian refugee youth and families seeking refuge in the region.

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A robotic approach to artificial urinary sphincter placement

Physicians use a robot to place an artificial urinary sphincter

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