2017 Watchlist: 5 clinical mobile apps to track


According to the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, there are more than 165,000 mobile health care apps in the marketplace today, and only a small fraction (fewer than two percent) focus on enhancing clinician productivity.

Boston Children’s Hospital Director of Clinical Mobile Solutions, Michael Docktor, MD, says it is important for clinicians to embrace the consumer-facing technology movement because digital natives (pediatric patients and their parents, for example) will come to expect an on-demand, well-designed, digital health care experience.

It is equally important, he says, for clinicians to utilize technologies that help improve productivity and efficiency given the increasing demands of clinicians and expectations of patients.

“The future of health care will embrace mobile and digital technology to better capture and assimilate vast troves of data,” Docktor says. “The interface of technology with medicine is moving fast. It’s better to keep up with the trends and hop on board, or risk being out of touch and working inefficiently.”

Here is a list of clinician-focused mobile apps Docktor recommends.


Avoid *67 with Doximity Dialer

This is an app that only a healthcare provider would appreciate. It allows clinicians to call families from their cellphone without needing to dial *67 to block the number. Instead, the user’s office number or a number of their preference appears. The app is available for iPhone or Android users. “This is a great tool and available to anyone with a Doximity account,” Docktor says.

Audiofy will read your articles to you

This app will read aloud any web page or web article. “This is a great app for when you’re driving and want to catch up on that latest research or industry article,” he says.

Poor posture? Try Lumo Lift

Concerned about slouching? This wearable, activity tracker is designed to help correct poor posture. “For all the clinicians out there hunched over a computer or battling with back pain, this is a step in the right direction,” Docktor adds.

Save your patients $$ with GoodRx DOCTORS

This information-based application is designed to help patients save money on prescriptions.

Read and post content that interests you with Medium

Find and share great user-generated content. Pick any topic, follow industry professionals or companies, and get the news and opinion directly from those who interest you. “It is also a great place to post your musings and creative thoughts in a less academic venue,” Docktor says.


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