Hacking Pediatrics mixes clinicians, developers, designers and more for health care innovation

Hacking Pediatrics mashup man woman laptops health care innovation

Our sister blog Vector recaps the 2015 Hacking Pediatrics Mashup, a 12-hour event that brought together 17 teams of clinicians, developers, designers and engineers to collaborate and hack technologies aimed at tackling a wide range of pediatric health care problems:

The majority of the pediatric products or solutions pitched came from residents and fellows, but there were plenty of non-millennials among the hackers—most notably, 97-year-old pediatrician and author T. Berry Brazelton, MD, founder of the Touchpoints Center, who came up from Cape Cod to join a hack that would help nurses tune in to children’s developmental needs.

Enthusiasm ran high, not only among the clinicians bringing pain points to be hacked, but also the software developers, IT companies, designers, MBA students and other mentors — and even the judges.

Among the top hacks were a gaming-inspired technology aimed at making medication adherence easy for kids and parents, a suicide prevention app and home platform for collecting oximetry data.

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