Health care news roundup

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health-care-news-roundupNew medical schools aim to fix America’s broken health care system

STAT News reports new medical schools are launching across the country to address a projected physician shortage. They’re promising innovative curriculums that let aspiring doctors spend time on research, working in community health settings, and following the same patients for months — but they face big obstacles. Last fall, Notes discussed an innovative semester within the Boston Combined Residency Program that has a similar focus.


DIY Blood Tests? There’s A Downside To Ordering Your Own

NPR reports that companies like Theranos and WellFX continue to stir things up n the world of patient-initiated lab tests. While doctors warn of over-testing and false positives, others feel individuals deserve to make their own decisions about certain screenings.  Vector covered the controversy over “consumerizing medicine” last winter.


1 in 3 antibiotics prescribed in U.S. are unnecessary, major study finds

You may already know that antibiotics are widely over prescribed in the United States. But the problem is worse than you might think, according to a study discussed this week in the Washington Post. Earlier this month, Notes shared news about ResistanceOpen, a project of the HealthMap team at Boston Children’s that is mapping pockets of antibiotic resistance across the country.


Learn more about how HealthMap is putting big data to work for the greater good.