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sickle cell anemia
Sickle cell anemia: normal and diseased red blood cells (shutterstock)

Teaching medical students to challenge “unscientific” racial categories

Racism, not race, contributes to health disparities.

STAT reports medical school curricula traditionally leave little room for nuanced discussions about the impact of race and racism on health, physicians and sociologists say. That mind-set can lead to misdiagnoses, such as treating sickle cell anemia as a largely “black” disease.

Parents may not know how much sleep their children need

Reuters reports that on a study that shows parents have a poor understanding of how much sleep children need. One in four parents thought children need less sleep than is recommended, while one in five thought children need more sleep than what experts advise. Boston Children’s Judith Owens, MD, provided insight on the study noting that children can suffer health issues if parents don’t have a good understanding of sleep problems.

Centers to treat eating disorders are growing, and raising concerns

Are expensive treatment centers preying on vulnerable families?

The New York Times reports the advertising and the profusion of for-profit eating disorder centers, which typically cost $1,000 a day but can run much higher, is raising concerns among some eating disorders experts, who worry that some programs may be taking advantage of vulnerable patients and their families. Boston Children’s Scott Hadland, MD, MPH, provides insight.

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