Innovations and advancements: Honoring American Heart Month

We celebrate American Heart Month every February by doing what we do every day: treating a full spectrum of cardiac disorders and creating new ways to improve care.

This month, we also honor our patients, raise awareness around pediatric heart conditions and give thanks to Boston Children’s Heart Center faculty who are committed to finding solutions and serving every patient’s needs — no matter how complex the condition or situation.

Read a selection of five stories from the past year that highlight some of the Heart Center’s recent innovations and advancements.

A donation from Matthew’s Hearts of Hope launches a clinical trial, led by Sitaram Emani, MD and colleagues, that tests the use of 3D printed hearts as preparation tools for cardiac surgery. Read the full story.

Cardiac surgeon Francis Fynn Thompson, MD and the Hearts and Minds of Ghana team help create a self-sustaining pediatric cardiac surgery clinic in Kumasi, Ghana. Read the blog.

A new procedure using native mitochondria injections to give failing hearts an energy boost helped baby Avery stay strong after surgery. Learn more.

A Boston Children’s Hospital team developed a soft robotic heart sleeve that compresses the heart’s chambers just like healthy cardiac muscles would do. Read more about the innovation.

A new approach to single ventricle heart surgery in infants replaces plastic shunts with the patient’s own umbilical vein to prevent blood clots. Read the blog.

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