Innovative series of surgeries corrects leg length discrepancy in children

leg length discrepancy surgeryPerfect body symmetry is a fallacy, and nearly everyone’s legs are different lengths to some small degree. But when the difference is large enough, it can alter a person’s gait and cause back, hip, knee or ankle problems.

Some people are born with a leg length discrepancy so significant that decisions must be made early to change the course their lives.

George Davies, now 17, was born with a rare disease called Fibular Hemimelia, a rare genetic absence of the fibular bone.  Without treatment, George’s right leg would grow so much slower than his left that it would ultimately be six inches shorter than his left. George’s parents decided to pursue a course of leg-lengthening surgeries and physical therapy to help him one day stand on two legs of the same size.

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Read about George’s journey to overcome leg length discrepancy.