Overcoming (mis)perceptions of palliative care

Esmé Savoie Hillary Savoie Thriving palliative care PACTWhen friends first suggested to Hillary Savoie that she think about taking her daughter Esmé (who has a complex, undiagnosed disorder) to see a palliative care specialist, she was shocked.

“I know that most people hear ‘palliative care’ and think very specific things about end of life care,” Hillary writes in a post on our Thriving blog. “I did, certainly.”

In talking to Boston Children’s Pediatric Advanced Care Team, though, she came to recognize the true nature and value of palliative care and its focus on Esmé’s quality of life, and how it could benefit the whole family.

“[I]t is such a relief to have a group of people I can talk to about the larger picture of Esmé’s care,” she writes. “I recognize that there is a limit to the support they will be able to provide, of course…but it feels really good to have the extra support there.”

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