Preparing a child for a stay in the hospital

child hospital wheelchair Thriving
(sonya etchison/Shutterstock)

Families are often unsure about how to prepare their child for a stay in the hospital, regardless of whether its for one night or for longer. They worry about making their child anxious, providing the wrong information, keeping their child connected to family and friends and more.

They’re right to be concerned, because proper preparation can make a big difference. As Boston Children’s staff psychologist Carolyn Snell, PhD, explains on our sister blog, Thriving:

Providing children with information about what to expect in an age-appropriate and specific manner can help with any anxiety they may be experiencing and reduce their distress. This reduced anxiety and distress can, in turn, be associated with positive outcomes for children, such as improved sleep and decreased pain while in the hospital. It can also improve children’s confidence and correct any misconceptions they might have about the hospitalization process.

Snell offers five tips for families that can help them prepare their child for a hospital stay.

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