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Diagnosing and treating nerve injuries in children and adolescents

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Nerve injuries in children and adolescents aren’t all that common, and may be difficult to diagnose. When these injuries do occur, the referral process can also present further complications.

“With peripheral nerve injuries, it’s common to think a patient needs a neurosurgeon or plastic surgeon,” says Andrea Bauer, MD, an orthopedic surgeon in the Hand & Orthopedic Upper Extremity Program at Boston Children’s Hospital. “But because of the legacy Dr. Peter Waters has built, the specialists in our Orthopedic Center actually have a great amount of experience with these injuries.”

Bauer’s experience treating a wide range of nerve injuries both surgically and non-surgically in pediatric populations has helped her understand the difficulties that often arise in both diagnosis and treatment. Here, she provides insight on what PCPs and pediatricians should be aware of when it comes to nerve injuries in children.

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Expert’s Corner: Three tricky hand and upper extremity injuries

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Accurately diagnosing and treating hand and upper extremity injuries can be tricky. Several injuries are commonly misperceived in the referring physician community, says Andrea Bauer, MD, a hand and upper extremity specialist and orthopedic surgeon who recently joined Boston Children’s Hospital’s Orthopedic Center.

Bauer highlights several of these injuries and reviews how treatment paradigms for some have evolved. …Read More

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