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Clinical Consult: Language and speech delays

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Like all developmental milestones, children learn to communicate at different rates. But delays in speech and language development are important to recognize as early as possible. A child’s early understanding and expression of language will often impact other important developmental milestones such as play skills, social interactions and behavioral regulation.

When should a parent or clinician be concerned about delayed language acquisition, and when is further evaluation by a specialist such as a developmental-behavioral pediatrician or child neurologist warranted? Notes consulted with Carol Wilkinson, MD, PhD, a fellow in Boston Children’s Division of Developmental Medicine, and David Urion, MD, FAAN, of the hospital’s Department of Neurology, for advice and tips on what to watch for. …Read More

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Clinical Consult: ADHD


More than 50 years of epidemiologic research indicates that attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects 5 to 7 percent of the population. While there are “islands” of over-diagnosis—among boys, nonwhite children and children at the highest and lowest ends of the socioeconomic spectrum—most other ADHD is under-diagnosed, including in girls.

With time and care, ADHD can certainly be diagnosed and managed in a primary care setting. Pediatricians can be patients’ best advocates, helping children receive support services and appropriate testing and interventions at school. …Read More

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