Stories about: Division of General Pediatrics

Caring for children by supporting parents

Schuster Supporting ParentsA mother brings her toddler in for a well-child visit. When the pediatrician asks how things are going, and the mother says, everything’s fine. The pediatrician asks whether she’s getting enough support at home, to which she cautiously responds that some days can feel like more than she can handle. 

Delving a little deeper, the pediatrician learns that the mother recently lost her father, is having trouble sleeping and hasn’t been engaging or playing with her child. After the pediatrician determines the mother is not at immediate risk for harming herself or her child, the clinic nurse helps her make an appointment with her primary-care provider.

This scenario — and many others like it — are part of the well-child visit anatomy. Experts say, the traditional 15-to-30-minute appointment is not only an opportunity for pediatric providers to track a child’s growth and development, but also check in with parents and discuss their concerns. …Read More