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Reducing cast-saw injuries through simple simulation

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Casting is a fundamental technique within orthopedics that is used to fix fractures, help patients with deformities, and immobilize a limb after surgery. For a physician, it’s imperative to not only know how to apply the cast appropriately, but also how to remove it safely.

During cast removal, a cast saw can heat up to the point where it injures the patient by burning their skin. This often results in further, expensive clinical care. But more importantly, it is a painful and avoidable injury to the patient.

Donald S. Bae, MD, an orthopedic surgeon in Boston Children’s Orthopedic Center, is the lead author on an article published in The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery that details how a simple simulation program dramatically reduced cast-saw injuries. …Read More

Challenging Case: A child with a Monteggia fracture

Monteggia fracture X-ray

A six-year-old boy presented to the Orthopedic Center at Boston Children’s Hospital in July 2014 having sustained an injury during a fall that spring. The treating physician did not initially recognize the injury as a Monteggia fracture, a fairly uncommon and often unrecognized injury. …Read More