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Quick Note: Odds of hospital readmission increase for children as they become adults

Busy garage as hospital readmission rates increase

As accountable care organizations continue to evolve, primary care pediatricians may increasingly share financial risks with hospitals on quality of care measures, including hospital readmissions.

In an article published in The BMJ, Boston Children’s Hospital readmission experts Jay Berry, MD, MPH, and Emily Bucholz, MD, MPH, PhD, show that the odds of hospital readmission increase substantially for children as they become adolescents and enter adulthood. In fact, their odds of readmission are just as high or higher than elderly, Medicare beneficiaries.

Berry and Bucholz discuss the reasons for those findings and how better systems of care are needed for children — especially those with chronic conditions — as they transition to adulthood.

Read the paper published in The BMJ.