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Athletes and heat stroke: Prevention and treatment

exertional heat stroke

In the midst of some of the hottest months of summer, young athletes are just beginning practice sessions for fall sports. During this time, it’s important for athletes, coaches and trainers to be adequately prepared for the heat — and for physicians to be prepared to treat heat illnesses.

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Five tips for keeping youth football players safer

football tackling William Meehan
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Do you have patients who play youth football? Then likely as not you’ve heard them or their parents talk about that one hard hit that “rung their bell,” as well as the calls to take tackling out of youth football altogether because of the risks of catastrophic neck and head injuries.

A recent AAP statement dives into the risks related to tackling in youth football, and offers guidance for keeping  play on the gridiron as safe as possible without fundamentally changing the game.

On our sister blog Thriving, AAP statement co-author William Meehan, MD, of Boston Children’s Hospital’s Division of Sports Medicine offers five recommendations to help keep youth players safe and healthy and minimize their risk for head and neck injuries.

Check it out Meehan’s recommendations for keep youth football players safe.

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