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Bringing mentors back into medicine: Promoting career guidance for medical residents

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A supportive mentor can make a huge impact on a novice physician’s confidence and career trajectory. Proven benefits range from a higher promotion rate to improved job satisfaction. One study from Harvard Medical School found that residents with mentors were twice as likely to report “excellent career preparation,” and 93 percent said it’s important to have a mentor during residency.

Unfortunately, only half of the residents who took part in that study could actually name a current or past mentor.

“You used to see senior physicians, mid-career doctors, residents and fellows all eating together in the cafeteria,” says Theodore Sectish, MD, Director of Education for the Boston Combined Residency Program (BCRP), a joint training effort of Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center. “Now it’s more likely that people eat at their desks. You just don’t see those kinds of organic interactions.” …Read More

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