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Preventing sports injuries through clinician-to-technician communication

Sports Injury Prevention Prescription SIPRx

For patients who are serious athletes or who have had a history of sports injuries, injury prevention is often a focal point. Advances in technology can now pinpoint where an individual might have a greater risk of injury, allowing injury prevention specialists to prescribe exercises that reduce this risk. For an athlete, learning exercises that may help prevent certain injuries — while strengthening areas of the body that are underdeveloped — not only reduces injury risk, but strengthens their game.

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Alexa, how will voice technology change health care?

VECTOR_OverlayTemplate-800x450-AlexaHackathonYou know Siri can tell you if it’s going to rain and the British man on your GPS will always lead you home, but what can voice technology software bring to health care?

This spring, Amazon’s Alexa partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital’s Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) to release its first health care “skill:” KidsMD. Users can ask the smart phone app for pediatric health advice the moment a concern arises.

Inspired by this new development, the Boston Children’s Simulator program held a “hackathon” to brainstorm other potential uses for voice technology in health care.

Read all about the ideas and insights that came out of the event on our sister blog, Vector.

Vector covers voice technology health care “hackathon”