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Children and mobile media: Strategies for pediatric practice

Rich-Mobile-Media-Boston Children's Thriving blogThere is substantial scientific evidence from multiple disciplines that the mobile media children use and how they use them influence their development and their physical, mental and social health. Among areas of concern in children are: risk-taking, sexual behavior, alcohol, tobacco and drug use, violence, obesity, disordered eating, learning, sleep and social connectedness.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has been issuing policy statements on the health effects of media for over 30 years and observant pediatricians recognize that their patients are affected. But a lack of clear diagnostic criteria and therapeutic guidelines combined with increasing demands on ever-shorter patient visits have made it difficult to prioritize and integrate media-related anticipatory guidance, diagnosis and treatment into standard of care pediatric practice. …Read More

Combating physician burnout: ‘Silence is not the answer’

Physician burnout

You’re about to start another long day. Traffic was grueling, you’re late for your first appointment, and the paperwork and meeting schedule that awaits you is daunting. You’re chasing the clock, today and most days, and your patients and co-workers are feeling the effects.

This scenario and countless variations of it are common drivers of physician burnout — a condition affecting 35 percent of U.S. physicians, according to The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). The condition is the result of prolonged stress involving emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and a sense of reduced personal accomplishments. …Read More

CVS offers low-cost version of EpiPen; experts say more options expected

PharmacyFor families managing life-threatening allergies, access to auto-injectable epinephrine — the medication that reverses the harmful effects of anaphylaxis, is critical.

But the price tag for the go-to prescription, EpiPen, a product manufactured by Pennsylvania-based Mylan, Inc., has skyrocketed in recent years, hitting a record high of $649 for a two-pack. The spike has outraged parents and pediatricians, and in some cases, stunted access for those with no insurance or high-deductible plans.

But the epinephrine auto-injector landscape is starting to shift.

…Read More

2017 Watchlist: 5 clinical mobile apps to track


According to the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, there are more than 165,000 mobile health care apps in the marketplace today, and only a small fraction (fewer than two percent) focus on enhancing clinician productivity.

Boston Children’s Hospital Director of Clinical Mobile Solutions, Michael Docktor, MD, says it is important for clinicians to embrace the consumer-facing technology movement because digital natives (pediatric patients and their parents, for example) will come to expect an on-demand, well-designed, digital health care experience.

It is equally important, he says, for clinicians to utilize technologies that help improve productivity and efficiency given the increasing demands of clinicians and expectations of patients.

“The future of health care will embrace mobile and digital technology to better capture and assimilate vast troves of data,” Docktor says. “The interface of technology with medicine is moving fast. It’s better to keep up with the trends and hop on board, or risk being out of touch and working inefficiently.”

Here is a list of clinician-focused mobile apps Docktor recommends. …Read More