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Medical marijuana in pediatrics: Is it time?

medical marijuana drug policy Scott Hadland

Marijuana policies are evolving quickly in the United States, with every state in New England legally permitting marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes. Washington state, Colorado and other states have fully legalized marijuana use for recreational purposes. Voters have passed ballot measures allowing for full legalization and regulation of marijuana sales in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, DC; Massachusetts will likely vote on a similar measure in 2016.

Amidst this sea change, families are increasingly asking providers about the safety and efficacy of marijuana for pediatric and adolescent conditions. …Read More

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Expert’s Corner: Finding the right setting for skin nevus care

skin nevi Amir Taghinia

Birthmarks are no longer dismissed as “beauty marks” by laypeople. With skin cancer incidence on the rise (over 74,000 new cases in the United States annually) and the availability of patient education and resources, more pediatricians, patients and families are proactively receiving specialized nevus care than ever before.

There are several types of nevi, defined primarily by color/pigmentation and size. According to (an outreach organization dedicated to providing congenital melanocytic nevi education and support), smaller, congenital, pigmented or melanocytic nevi affect one in 50 to 100 people and are typically not problematic.

Large and giant nevi, however, are rare and require a watchful eye. …Read More

Clinical Consult: ACL tear diagnosis and injury prevention

Sports injury ACL tear repair prevention

If your practice includes teen athletes, you’ve likely encountered at least one patient with an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. The incidence of ACL tears among child, teen and young adult athletes has reached near epidemic proportions: 400,000 athletes suffer a tear annually.

Primary care providers (PCPs) are often the first to detect a tear. Dennis Kramer, MD, orthopedic surgeon in Boston Children’s Hospital ACL Program, weighs in on PCPs’ role in ACL tear diagnosis and injury prevention. …Read More