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Where does surgery fit into multidisciplinary cancer care? Q&A with a pediatric surgical oncologist

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It doesn’t necessarily take a village to care for a child with cancer. But it does take a team—one that brings together a variety of specialists that can address the whole patient, not just her tumor.

When it comes to patients with solid or brain tumors, the surgeon continues to play an important role as part of that team. But how has the surgeon’s role evolved? And when is the right time to bring a surgeon into the treatment process?

Notes asked Robert C. Shamberger, MD—a surgical oncologist at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, chief of the Department of Surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital, and the Robert E. Gross Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School—six questions about what the present and future hold for the practice of pediatric surgical oncology. …Read More

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