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2017 Watchlist: 5 clinical mobile apps to track


According to the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, there are more than 165,000 mobile health care apps in the marketplace today, and only a small fraction (fewer than two percent) focus on enhancing clinician productivity.

Boston Children’s Hospital Director of Clinical Mobile Solutions, Michael Docktor, MD, says it is important for clinicians to embrace the consumer-facing technology movement because digital natives (pediatric patients and their parents, for example) will come to expect an on-demand, well-designed, digital health care experience.

It is equally important, he says, for clinicians to utilize technologies that help improve productivity and efficiency given the increasing demands of clinicians and expectations of patients.

“The future of health care will embrace mobile and digital technology to better capture and assimilate vast troves of data,” Docktor says. “The interface of technology with medicine is moving fast. It’s better to keep up with the trends and hop on board, or risk being out of touch and working inefficiently.”

Here is a list of clinician-focused mobile apps Docktor recommends. …Read More

Dissecting the AAP’s new guidelines for child media use: Advice from The Mediatrician


Children are exposed to screens earlier in life and for longer periods than ever before. Mobile technology has pervaded our society to the point where doctors and parents alike are asking: what effect is this having on young minds? On brain development? On socialization?

How much “screen time” is too much? How young is too young? And, of course, the follow-up question of our time: are all apps created equal?

Michael Rich, MD, director of the Center on Media and Child Health at Boston Children’s Hospital, has a crystal-clear message. “This is a critical part of parenting in the 21st century,” he says. “It is no longer a fringe issue. The first thing we have to do with pediatricians, he says, is get them to talk about it.

Rich, also known as “The Mediatrician,” conducted research that helped inform the American Academy of Pediatrics’ latest recommendations for children’s media use. …Read More

Alexa, how will voice technology change health care?

VECTOR_OverlayTemplate-800x450-AlexaHackathonYou know Siri can tell you if it’s going to rain and the British man on your GPS will always lead you home, but what can voice technology software bring to health care?

This spring, Amazon’s Alexa partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital’s Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) to release its first health care “skill:” KidsMD. Users can ask the smart phone app for pediatric health advice the moment a concern arises.

Inspired by this new development, the Boston Children’s Simulator program held a “hackathon” to brainstorm other potential uses for voice technology in health care.

Read all about the ideas and insights that came out of the event on our sister blog, Vector.

Vector covers voice technology health care “hackathon”