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Virtual visits: How telemedicine can improve health care


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Between June 2013 and June 2014, 11-year-old Carson Domey had 36 doctor’s appointments, most of which were with gastroenterologist Michael Docktor, MD, at Boston Children’s Hospital. Carson, who has a rare form of Crohn’s disease that causes oral inflammation, lives in in Dudley, MA—an hour-and-a half car ride from Boston.

“Sometimes, by the time we can schedule an appointment and drive there, my symptoms are gone,” he says. “Telemedicine would allow me to miss less school and get immediate attention when I need it.”

“The time out of school is huge,” says Carson’s mother, Michelle.

Docktor is equally passionate about this issue. “He can Skype into school!” he adds emphatically. “Why can’t he do that for a doctor’s appointment?”

Well, why can’t he? What is stopping Carson and so many other children like him from receiving follow-up clinical care via video conferences—otherwise known as telemedicine? …Read More

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Remote video checks of bedside drug dosing

rnsafe-vector When a nurse gives a complex medication at the bedside, a second nurse must come in to observe and verify the dose. But flagging down a nurse on a busy hospital floor can be pretty challenging.

To help nurses get that second set of eyes and enhance safety, a team of nurse healthcare IT specialists at Boston Children’s worked with the hospital’s Innovation Acceleration Program to create RNSafe, an app that lets bedside nurses use camera-equipped iPods to complete the entire medication process with a dedicated “bunker” nurse.

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