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The ups and downs of undescended testes: What pediatric providers need to know

undescended-testes-notesCryptorchidism, or undescended testes, is the most common genital abnormality in boys. Research shows one-in-100 male infants are affected, and approximately 30 percent of baby boys born prematurely.

According to Boston Children’s Hospital urologist, Michael Kurtz, MD, MPH, because testes are constantly on the move, it becomes a challenge to definitively diagnose the common urological condition.

“Testicles are mobile structures, and it is normal for a testis to move up and down over the course of a day,” says Boston Children’s Hospital urologist, Michael Kurtz, MD, MPH. “Moreover, lymph nodes can appear similar to the testis on imaging.”

Kurtz says the main challenge pediatricians face is distinguishing a retractile testis (a testicle that pulled upward by muscle) from an undescended testis. “And only the latter requires surgery,” he adds.

Notes sat down with Kurtz and discussed when and why it’s important to treat undescended testes early, common misconceptions, and when to refer to a pediatric urologist. …Read More