Stories about: Vascular Anomalies Center

Challenging Case: Heart failure or Vein of Galen?

Vein of Galen preoperative imageryThe patient is a four-month-old boy from Haiti with a history of low weight gain, cachexia, congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension, but with no discernable cause. After first presenting to a hospital in Haiti, he was treated with oxygen concentrators and sildenafil to maintain his oxygen saturation levels, but could not gain weight. …Read More

Challenging case: A rare vascular anomaly masquerades as a basketball injury

FAVA fibroadipose vascular anomaly challenging case MRI axialA 13-year-old male presented to Boston Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine Division with complaints of right distal thigh and knee pain. He awoke the morning after a basketball game with significant discomfort and was unable to walk, suggesting an injury sustained during the game. A physical exam revealed exquisite tenderness of the distal quadriceps muscles, and the patient was unable to adequately fire his quadriceps muscle or extend his knee. Radiographs were normal.

The sports medicine physician referred the patient to Boston Children’s Radiology Department for an MRI of the knee to evaluate the quadriceps tendon. The same-day exam was performed at Boston Children’s ambulatory MRI. …Read More