The Auvi-Q recall: What your patients need to know

Auvi-Q food allergySanofi has issued a voluntary recall of its Auvi-Q epinephrine injectors over concerns about inaccurate dosing. If you see patients who use the Auvi-Q, they should seek out an alternative injector for the time being.

Our sister blog Thriving spoke with John Lee, MD, director of the Food Allergy Program at Boston Children’s, about what families should should do about the recall:


Contact your child’s doctor immediately for a replacement injector from another brand. Parents need to contact a physician for a new prescription; you cannot go to the pharmacy to buy an epinephrine injector without a prescription.

Do NOT dispose of Auvi-Q injectors until you have a replacement. If your child experiences an emergency or goes into anaphylaxis and an Auvi-Q is the only option available, you should use it.

Finally, save any receipts and pharmacy documentation, because Sanofi is reimbursing its customers for the cost of replacement injectors.

Lee offers additional advice on Thriving.