TriVox Health: A window into patients’ lives between visits

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A lot happens in a patient’s life between office and clinic visits that can impact their health and development. This is especially the case for children with a chronic pediatric disorder like ADHD or asthma. The trouble is, how can providers and families capture that data and get a window into those experiences?

Our sister blog Vector spoke recently to Boston Children’s Hospital’s Eugenia Chan, MD, MPH, and Eric Fleegler, MD, MPH, who together have launched TriVox Health, a digital disease management platform for clinicians caring for chronically ill children. The platform started life as a way to capture reports from parents and teachers about children’s ADHD symptoms. Over time, however, it’s grown to incorporate symptom reporting, side effect reporting, quality of life measures and more for multiple conditions.

Speaking about a study their team is conducing of the platform’s impact on patient outcomes, Chan told Vector:

We are still evaluating the data, but I think we’re going to demonstrate that patients and families are better engaged, their doctors know them better, communication improves and families feel greater satisfaction with their visit. Our long-term goal is to show that we truly affect care and health outcomes.

Read what Chan and Fleegler have to say about TriVox Health and what it does on Vector.